Claire® Carpet Spotter Wipe

Item # CLM-975

  • Premoistened with a special combination of powerful cleaning agents and live bacteria that quickly remove stains and eliminate odors.
  • 9.5" x 12"
40 ct., 6/cs
Alternate #C-975
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By simply blotting a towel over spots, this potent formula removes your toughest stains including wine, ketchup, grease and even blood. Cleaning agents separate stains from fibers while bacteria break down any organic soils to prevent them from restaining the carpet. The remaining residue is easily wiped up with the towel. In addition, Carpet Spot Wipes immediately eliminate odors using a two step process. First, a pleasant fragrance suppresses any foul odors. Secondly, the bacteria in the cleaning formula digest organic waste which causes malodors.