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MDI Atlas White Creped Spunlace Wiper - 9" x 17"

Pro-Series® Super Rag® Supreme™ Series professional quality, high performance spunlace towels. Solvent free. Wipes surfaces dry. Textile performance for the toughest, low lint wiping tasks. Pop-up.  6/100/cs
Alternate #93134

GP Brawny Industrial® 1/4 Fold DRC Wiper - White

Excellent bulk, softness, absorption capacity. The material of choice for most medium duty applications. Strongest all-purpose and most versatile wiper. 13" x 12.5"; 1 Ply. Use Dispenser 54300. 60 Wipers per pkg., 16 pkgs. per case (1/4 Fold Poly Pkg.).  16/60/cs
Alternate #20020

Tork® Universal Cuisine Foodservice Wiper - Blue/White

Color-coded to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Carded rayon. This product contains 100% synthetic and virgin fibers. 1/4 Fold; 1 ply. 240 sheets per pack, 1 box per case.  ea
Alternate #192181

Tork® Universal Quik Utility 320 Wiper - White

Absorbent and reduces amount of wipers needed. 2-Ply offers increased capacity for absorbency. Environmental Choice "EcoLogo™" Certified. Sheet Size: 9" x 10.25"; Pop-Up. Dispenser Options: Self Dispensing, 208302.  15/125/cs
Alternate #192125

MDI Pro-Series™ Super Prep Towel - 9" x 300', Blue Crepe

Tougher than tough. For the toughest low lint wiping tasks. Center pull tote. Sheet Size: 9" x 18". 300' per pack.  ea
Alternate #95119

Tork® Advanced DoorMate Folded Towel - 4.25" x 8.5"

Made exclusively for the Tork Elevation DoorMate Dispenser. No-touch dispensing keeps hands cleaner. EcoLogo® Certified. White, 2 ply; Folded size: 4.25" x 8.5". Unfolded size: 8.5" L x 8.5" W; T3 system.  12/500/cs
Alternate #120229

Tork® Cleaning Cloth - White

A soft and flexible multipurpose cloth that quickly absorbs liquids and oil. 1 Ply. W24 System. Contains 100% synthetic and virgin fibers. Tall Pop-Up.  5/100/cs
Alternate #510175A

Tork® Heavy-Duty Centerfeed Cleaning Cloth - White

Reusable, strong and absorbent multipurpose cloth especially for janitorial and industrial cleaning applications. Reusable, strong, durable wiper. Excellent rental towel and rag replacement. 400 sheets per roll; 1-ply; Core: 0.3". Roll width: 12.6"; Sheet length: 10"; System: W2.  ea
Alternate #530137

Tork® Industrial Cleaning Cloth - 15" x 16.5", Gray

A solid general use wiper for janitorial and industrial cleaning applications. Strong texture for excellent oil and water absorption. Reusable, strong, durable wiper. Excellent rental towel and rag replacement. 280 wipers per pack.  ea
Alternate #520371

Tork® Windshield Paper Towel - Blue

A soft, absorbent and strong 1-ply windshield towel, provides maximum absorption in a variety of climates and conditions. EcoLogo® Certified. Dispenser Options: 70WM1; H22 System Single Fold dispenser.  9/250/cs
Alternate #192121

Georgia-Pacific Brawny Industrial® Wet Shop Towel

Cloth-like softness allows you to easily wipe and clean greasy and grimy hands on the spot. Soft, durable and strong with no gritty residue. Blue color. 8.7" x 12.20". Clean fresh scent. Pre-moistened and one-at-a-time dispensing. Portable, water-resistant pail. 72 wipes per pail, 6/case.  6/72/cs
Alternate #21500

GP Brawny Dine-A-Max® HEF Food Preparation & Bar Towel

Strong, soft, thick, absorbent foodservice towel engineered from super strong hydro entangled fibers make it perfect for front or back of house cleaning.  150/cs
Alternate #29416

GP Brawny Industrial® Medium Wt. 1/4 Fold Airlaid Wiper

Medium weight all purpose wiper. Made from airlaid bonded cellulose to deliver an exceptional cloth replacement. 13" x 13"; Blue, 1 Ply. Use Dispenser 54300.  8/50/cs
Alternate #29223

GP goRag® Heavy Wt. HEF Touchless Roll Wiper - White

Hydro entangled fiber resists tears and stands up to tough industrial cleaning tasks. Strong, durable and reusable. Stands up to cleaners and solvents. 10" x 250', perforated roll. Use dispenser: 59465.  3/cs
Alternate #25065

GP Brawny Industrial® Light Wt. All Purpose DRC Roll Wiper

Strongest all purpose and most versatile wiping material with excellent bulk, softness and absorption capacity. Perforated roll wiper. Use to clean both oil and water based products.  20/84/cs
Alternate #20085

GP Interstate® Auto Care Paper Wiper - 9.5" x 10.25"

Interstate® singlefold paper wipers offer cost-effective, streak-free cleaning with 2-ply absorbency you can count on. Poly case helps protect these wipers from moisture. Use with dispenser: 56701, 56720.  9/250/cs
Alternate #00350

GP Safe-T-Gard® Interfolded Tissue - 4" x 10", White

For use with Safe-T-Gard® Door Tissue Dispenser & Receptacle. Complements enMotion® wall mount or recessed automated electronic towel dispensers. Converts the restroom door into a touch-free exit. Serves as a hygienic barrier between clean hands and doors.  40/200/cs
Alternate #10440

GP Shur-Wipe® Technical Cleaning Wiper - 1 Ply, White

Delicate/Critical, 1 Ply, Paper Technical Wiper. Quick absorption. Soft and non-abrasive. Low-lint, low-contaminant. Convenient dispensing. Dispenser box.  15/140/cs
Alternate #29756

GP Taskmate™ Tall Dispenser Box DRC Wiper - White

Excellent bulk, softness, absorption capacity. The material of choice for most medium duty applications. Strongest all-purpose and most versatile wiper. Use Dispenser 50313.  8/100/cs
Alternate #20070

MDI 4 Ply Advantage® Scrim Wipe - 9.75" x 275', Roll

Available in pop-up dispenser boxes, poly wrap, rolls and bulk. Not only absorbent and economical, but reinforced for extra toughness. Layers of wood pulp fibers laminated with a durable poly scrim-reinforcement. Ideal for general purpose cleaning.  6/cs
Alternate #69104

MDI Classic E-CON Towel™ - 13" x 21.5"

Supreme spunlace towels for the toughest low lint wiping tasks. 1/8 fold, dispenser box. White Aperture.  1/150/cs
Alternate #97101

MDI Classic® Foodservice Towel - Blue/Blue

MDI's Pro-Series® foodservice wiping system includes Classic™ Ultra with antimicrobial product protection against microbial odors and stains. Using multiple colors reduces the risk of cross contamination. 13" x 21.5". 1/4 F, Disp Box.  150/cs
Alternate #97112

MDI Classic® Service Wiper - 12" x 24"

Classic service wipers for effective foodservice wiping. 1/4 fold, dispenser box. Pink Rayon. Pack: 1/200.  1/200/cs
Alternate #78129

MDI Pro-Series™ The Champ™ One Wipe - 9" x 17"

Heavy grade. White DRC. Ideal for general purpose clean-up. Wipes surfaces totally clean and dry. Ultra absorbent for cleaning up liquid spills. Pop-Up Box.  8/90/cs
Alternate #86011

MDI Select Blue Smooth Pop-Up Spunlace Wiper - 9" x 16.5"

125 per box, 6 boxes per case.  6/cs
Alternate #92131

MDI Select White DRC Lite Wiper - 9" x 16.5"

Pop-Up. 113 wipes per box, 8 boxes per case.  8/113/cs
Alternate #86206

MDI Super Rag® 1/4 Fold Wiper - 12" x 13", Poly 50, White

For the most demanding wiping jobs without breaking down or falling apart. For use in manufacturing, automotive, machine shops, transportation, high-tech, engineering, utilities and more. Spunlace non-woven wood pulp/polyester fabric, engineered for cloth-like performance & multiple reuse. Virtually lint-free & solvent compatible. Wipes surfaces totally dry.  500/cs
Alternate #93126