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Multi Purpose Aerosol


Claire® Citra Jinx Organic All Purpose Cleaner

This product is formulated with a natural orange citrus solvent (d'limonene) that cleans and deodorizes most surfaces. Simply spray this foaming product on and wipe clean. 20 oz. can; 19 oz net wt.  12/cs
Alternate #C-985

Claire® Mister Jinx All Purpose Cleaner - 19 oz. Net Wt.

Removes dirty hand prints from walls and doors, scuff marks on floors, bathtub rings, soot, grease, smoke film, oil, many inks, light carbon, dust, lipstick. Also removes crayon marks. 16 oz can, 19 oz net wt.  12/cs
Alternate #C-031

Claire® Xtreme Gleme All Weather Surface Degreaser

Penetrating foam action removes grease, oil and dirt from surfaces exposed to extremely cold and hot temperatures. Floral scent. Leaves no film. Non-streak formula. Fast drying. Net Weight: 19 oz.; Can Size: 20 oz. aerosol.  12/cs
Alternate #C-700

Spartan SD-20 All Purpose Cleaner

Formulated to foam away dirt, grease and fingerprints from washable surfaces. 20 oz. cans; Net 18 oz. pH 10.5 - 11.5.  12/cs
Alternate #6520