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Warewashing Machine Chemicals


Ecolab® EcoTemp Ultra Dry® Rinse Additive - 4.5 Gal.

Liquid rinse additive. Special high-active surfactants provide excellent sheeting for quick drying. Effective in all water conditions for spotless glassware and flatware.  ea
Alternate #15172

Ecolab® ET Ultra Klene™ Warewashing Detergent - 5 Gal.

Exceptional soil cutting formulation for more efficient one pass washing in most water conditions.  ea
Alternate #12716

Ecolab® ET Ultra San® Sanitizer - 5 Gal.

Fast-acting liquid sanitizer for low-temp warewashing. Stable formula ensures optimum sanitizing and prolongs shelf life. EPA registered.  ea
Alternate #13961

Diversey Suma® Supreme™ D1.5 Pot & Pan Detergent

For Optifill™ System. A super-concentrated, high active formula that offers superior grease-cutting performance. A 55% active level. Kosher certified. Cuts through greasiest pots, pans, and food prep utensils. Contains biodegradable surfactants, is phosphate-free.  ea
Alternate #4977476

Patriot Chemical Metal Safe Detergent - 8#

Safe to use on all metals. Delivers high levels of alkalinity at a lower pH. Will not cake or harden. Non-phosphate formula.  4/cs
Alternate #0640

Patriot Chemical Novel Clean Hard Water Alkaline Detergent

A high alkali, chlorinated powder detergent. Delivers a high yield. Eliminates scale build-up in machines. Easy to handle.  4/cs
Alternate #0642-8

Patriot Chemical Novel Descaler - Gal.

Low ph scale remover.  4/cs
Alternate #6335-4

Patriot Chemical Novel Drying Agent

Economical rinse additive. An economical rinse additive which can be used in all rinse feeders or injectors. Works in hard and soft water.
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Patriot Chemical Novel Hard Water Rinse Aid - Gal.

Formulated for hard water accounts. Leaves glasses film free. Highly-concentrated. Foam-free formula.  4/cs
Alternate #0616-1

Patriot Chemical Novel Heavy Duty Hard Water Detergent

A detergent that will perform in the worst water conditions. Highly active formula. Dissolves food soils easily. Delivers a great yield. Concentrate.
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