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Food Service Specialty Cleaners


Diversey Suma® Freeze D2.9 - Gal.

Ready-to-use floor cleaner for cold rooms and freezers. Works down to -20°F. Allows for cleaning freezer floors without defrosting the freezer. NSF A5 Registered.  4/cs
Alternate #48030

Spartan Acid Blend FP - 5 Gal. Pail

A nitric phosphoric acid blend used for passivation and to remove iron and other inorganic deposits from tank surfaces. Fragrance and dye-free.  ea
Alternate #3124-5

Spartan Freezer Cleaner FP - Gal.

Solvent-detergent blend removes dirt, grime, fat and grease down to -40 degrees F. pH: 10.0 - 11.0. Dilution: Straight to 25 oz./gal.  4/cs
Alternate #3128-1

Spartan Eggs So Clean Egg Washing Compound - 55 Gal.

A uniquely formulated washing compound specifically designed for use in shell egg washing applications. Non-chlorinated. Highly concentrated. Dilutes @ 1:256 of water to initially charge solution tanks.  ea
Alternate #3129-55

Spartan Eggs So Clean pH Booster - 55 Gal.

Assures pH level in keeping w/industry & HACCP guidelines of 10.0 or greater. Neutralizes the level of contaminants such as egg proteins, soils, and other egg waste in wash water. Designed to use in conjunction with Eggs So Clean Egg Washing Compound. A 25% caustic solution designed to insure proper pH.  ea
Alternate #3125-55

Spartan Foaming Caustic Cleaner FP - 5 Gal.

A high foam, high alkaline, liquid concentrate. pH: 14. Dilution: 1-12 oz./gal.  ea
Alternate #3179-5

Spartan Peroxy Protein Remover/Cleaner/Whitener - Gal.

Formulated specifically for food handling, food processing and food service operations. A hydrogen peroxide based cleaner designed to remove proteins and whiten protein stains from all types of food preparation surfaces. The product is water thin. Pale blue in color.  4/cs
Alternate #3821-1

Stearns® ONE PACKS Coffee Pot & Maker Cleaner

Granular concentrate removes coffee stains and build-up from coffee makers and coffee pots. Safe to use on glass, plastic, and all metal surfaces. One pack per coffee pot.  100/cs
Alternate #808