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Car / Truck Wash & Detailing


Spartan Xtreme Custom Car Wash Detergent

Formulated to remove road film, grease, road salts. May also be used in coin operated automatic wash systems. pH ranging from 8.0 to 9.0. Concentrated clear, custom designed for hand washing and the detailed needs of the automotive exterior care industry.
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Spartan Xtreme Rapid Transit - Gal.

Formulated to remove road film, grease, road salts and other hard to remove soils from all types of vehicle surfaces. May be used at light dilutions to clean floors, seats, and railings found inside most public transportation vehicles. A mega concentrate, custom designed for the mass transit industry. Ideal for brushless and automatic wash systems. Use on any surface not harmed by water. Phosphate free.  4/cs
Alternate #3014-1