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Paper Cold Drink Cups


Solo® Bare® Treated Paper Cold Cups

Compostable alternative to standard double-sided poly and plastic cold cups. Made with at least 50% renewable resources. Wax coating creates firm, durable cup walls for your cold beverages. Meets the ASTM standard D6868 for compostability.
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Solo® Jazz® Double Poly Paper Cup - 21 oz.

Superior water resistance, improved portion control and excellent graphics capabilities. Delivers performance foodservice professionals can count on.  1000/cs
Alternate #RSP21P-00055

Solo® Jazz® Treated Paper Cups

Offers superior rigidity. Meets the ASTM standard for commercial compostability and are made with 65% renewable resources.
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Vegware™ PLA Logo Cold Cups

Vegware's cold cups & lids are made from PLA (polylactic acid) - a bioplastic produced from corn and other natural starches. Vegware's PLA IS 100% compostable. It's as light and strong as its oil-based adversaries, yet produces 77% less greenhouse gases during production. Heat resistant up to 120 degrees. Non-toxic.
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