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Cup Lids


Dart® Clear Lid w/Straw Slot

For use with: TP16D, TP20, TD24, TD26, RTP16D, RTP20, RTD24, RTP16DBARE, RTP20BARE, RTD24BARE, Y16S, Y24, P16, P16B, P16R, P16W, P24, 12PX, 16FPX, 16PX. Also 20PX, 24PX, 12PXW, 16FPXW, 16PXW, 20PXW, 24PXW.  10/100/cs
Alternate #626TS

Vegware™ CPLA Hot Cup Lid for 10 to 20 oz.

90mm.  1000/cs
Alternate #VLID89P

Dart® Conex® Lid for 5N25, 7N25, 7K25

Translucent.  25/100/cs
Alternate #L7N25

Dart® Optima™ Reclosable Lid - White

Use with 12J16, 14J16, 16J16, 20J16, 24J16, 12X16, 16X16, 20X16, 24X16. Locking post with side latches secures tab in open position. Contoured drinking area.  10/100/cs
Alternate #16RCL

Dixie® Paper Hot Cup White Dome Lids

Sip through hole. Condiment identifier. Stacking feature. Helps to prevent spills from sloshing. Lets you add toppings. Easy to drink from while on the go. Easily identifies contents.
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Dart® Cappuccino Lids

Available white and black in various sizes. Elevated platform reduces chance of spills.
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Dart® Conex® Dome w/Hole Lid For 16CT, 20CT, 24C

Available dome and straw slotted. Snap tight lids fit securely to protect contents.  20/50/cs
Alternate #24LCDH

Eco-Products® EcoLid® Renewable Hot Cup Lid

The renewable and compostable EcoLid® is made with PLA, a plant-based material, instead of traditional oil-based plastics. Fits: 10 to 20 oz. White.  800/cs
Alternate #EP-ECOLID-W

Eco-Products® EcoLid® Renewable Hot Cup Lid for 8 oz.

The renewable and compostable EcoLid® is made with PLA, a plant-based material, instead of traditional oil-based plastics. Fits: 8 oz. White.  800/cs
Alternate #EP-ECOLID-8

Dart® Lid - Translucent, Pour Spout

Use with 32TJ32, 44AJ32, 44TJ32, 16MJ32, 32X32.  5/100/cs
Alternate #32PL

Eco-Products® GreenStripe® Cold Cup Flat Lid

Made from (PLA). Is a renewable resource. Cold food friendly. Compostable in commercial facilities. Ingeo™ Bioplastic. Fits 9 to 24 oz. cups.  1000/cs
Alternate #EP-FLCC

Dart® Lift n' Lock™ Lids

Closing tab helps avoid spills. Great for coffee, soft drinks, shakes, juice, tea, or water. Available in white or translucent.
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Dart® Translucent Straw Slotted Lids

Available to fit all Dart cups.
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Dart® White Sip Thru Lids

Allows easy sipping of soft drinks, coffee, tea or juice.
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Dart® White Vented Lids

Available for 6 oz. to 12 oz. cups.
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Fabri-Kal® Flat No Slot Lid For 9/12/20 oz. NC/KC & 5 oz.

Use with: KC90F, GC90F, KC12S, GC12, KC20, GC20 Kal-Clear® and Nexclear® drink cups. Clear.  1000/cs
Alternate #LKC1220F

Dinex® Iced Tea Lid w/Straw Slot

Alternate #TT58

Dinex® Lid For 5 oz. Tulip Cup

Alternate #11820174

Fabri-Kal® Translucent X Slot Lids

Available in various sizes.
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Fabri-Kal® Translucent No Vent Lid

For use with FK3.5, FK5, FK5R, RK3.5, RK5, RK5R.  25/100/cs
Alternate #L5NV

International Paper Hot Cup Lids

Designed to have a tight fit.
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Solo® Gourmet Dome Lid - Black

Single poly paper hot cup lid. For: 10 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz., 20 oz., 24 oz. 125/1000.  1000/cs
Alternate #LRG516-00004

Solo® Straw Slot Lid For 6 oz. Treated Paper Cup

Fits: R6NN-00055, R6NN-J8000. Translucent. Tube/Case Quantity: 100/2000.  2000/cs
Alternate #L6NN-0100

Solo® Translucent ID Straw Slot Lid - Fits 32 oz

Available in various sizes.  8/120/cs
Alternate #L32BN-0100

Solo® Traveler® Lids

Single poly paper hot cup lids. Available in black, brown and white.
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Solo® White Polystyrene Plastic Lock Back Lid - 8 oz.

Available in various sizes for the hot cup line.  2000/cs
Alternate #LB308-00007

Solo® White Tear Tab Lid - 10/12/16/20/24 oz.

For single poly paper hot cups.  1000/cs
Alternate #CL316

Vegware™ PLA Flat Lid for 9 to 24 oz.

Vegware's lids are made from PLA (polylactic acid) - a bioplastic produced from corn and other natural starches. Light & strong as its oil-based adversaries. 100% compostable. Heat resistant up to 120 degrees. Non-toxic. Produces 77% less greenhouse gases when made.  1000/cs
Alternate #C96F